The Advantages And Disadvantages of an Online Anger Management Classes

The Advantages And Disadvantages of an Online Anger Management Classes

Online anger management classes are becoming very popular. Lately they have been dominating the market. Many people all over the world are having huge problems with anger, but most of them don't really know what is anger. Anger in its normal state is not a negative feeling, but a totally normal one. Only when you […]

Stress/ Three Tests

Stress/ Three Tests

Do you feel stressed? Stress is the number one cause of illness. When you realise this you can understand that it is important to take a moment to ask yourself if you are prone to stress.

- Does your body feel tight at times when you forget to think about relaxing?
- Can't stop the thoughts in your mind anymore? Your thoughts are going around and around?
- Put your attention to your breathing. Is your breathing short and high?
- Do you get upset when something disturbs your plans?
- You get less done than you planned to?
- Do you feel stressed when you think about all the things you still have to do?

If all this applies to you, you're in great need of stress management,
Even if only one point applies, you should consider it seriously.

How to recognize and rate stress
1. Is your life very busy?
2. Do you hate all those things you have to do?
3. Do you dislike being busy?
4. Do you feel it's terrible that you don't have enough time?
5. Do you eat when you are tired instead of taking a rest?
6. Do you long for another space and time?
7. Do you cry or get angry more than once a week?
8. When you wake up in the morning, do you all your tasks weigh heavily?
9. When you wake up in the morning, do you feel that you have to hurry?
10. Do you long for some holiday?

How high is your stress?
If one time yes, there is a little stress already.
If more than five times you choose yes: you should take care.
Ten times yes: if you don't take action you're likely to get a burnout.

Additional test
1. Do you have much free time?
2. Do you enjoy your life and the things you do?
3. Are you happy being busy?
4. Are you happy to have enough time to do the things you want to do?
5. Do you easily take enough rest?
6. Are you happy with your life the way it is?
7. Do you have very happy feelings at least once a week and are you joyful once or more times a week?
8. Do you wake up merrily and full of energy to start your work?
9. Do you wake up, happy to know that you have a whole new day?
10. Are you very happy with your house and place?

If you vote only one time yes, you are much stressed.
If you choose more than five yes, your life is not too stressed.
But only when you have ten times yes, you don't have to worry.

In other cases, take your rest and follow some advices about stress.

Making Money on eBay With Drop Shipping

Making Money on eBay With Drop Shipping

Many people are taking up selling on eBay as a means of alternative income, and drop shipping is one method to make that alternative income. Over the years, the internet has developed into a medium of e-commerce and slowly it is being filled with virtual supermarkets. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, and drop shipping is one way of you getting your piece.

Everyone wants to make quick dollars and get rich overnight. Selling online has become the easiest way to earn money. Websites like eBay, Yahoo Shopping and many others allow individuals to conduct online auctions and buy and sell products online.

Selling on eBay is getting more popular because the costs involved for setting up your store on eBay are almost negligible.

The initial setup cost for a basic auction is minimal and includes a description and one picture. However, eBay charges a percentage of the final bid price and the seller can charge the buyer for this by including it in the shipping and handling fee.

With increasing access to internet and millions visiting eBay every day, this becomes the choicest and cheapest way to sell the goods and make a healthy profit.

Drop shipping has become a popular method for selling goods on eBay. This method allows the seller on eBay to sell goods without the need to have an inventory or the necessity to ship the goods. Many drop shipping companies also allow the user to purchase their goods and then have them blind drop ship the product to the winning bidder.

The drop ship company uses the eBay seller's name or company details as the return address to make it appear that the item actually came from them and not the true goods supplier. The true supplier will however, handle the packaging, the shipping, and any return of items.

Drop shipping has gained popularity because in this method of selling on eBay and other auctions, you do not have to pay for the product upfront until the auction has closed and the buyer has paid you.

Once the buyer makes the payment, you place the order with the drop ship company and pay them, keeping the difference as your profit, and the drop ship company would complete the procedure including sending the tracking number for the shipment, which is then forwarded to the buyer.

This method ensures that you earn money and risks are minimized for the sellers.

Centres Of Influence

Centres Of Influence

A Centre of Influence is a fancy way of identifying people that have a hugely positive impact on your business. They often refer people and business to you, and are actively glowing about what you provide and how you provide it. Every business needs a couple of these gems, and once you have them, you should bend over backwards to make sure they continue to think positively about you.

But how do you find and connect with these people? Here's an Action Plan that will help make things move faster.

1. Let them know they are special
Tell them they are a top client, and let them know about any special treatment or offers that entitles them to.

2. Keep them updated about your business
If you want them to continue to refer ideal business to you then you need to let them know what a perfect client or opportunity looks like. If you take on a new direction, or change your products and services, why not take them out for coffee and update them on what?s happening.

3. Surprise them regularly
Always give them a reason to love your business. Find ways to add value to their business at no or low cost. Send relevant articles or information. Identify web sites of interest. Send them some free product for no reason.

4. Expand their networks
Arrange for them to meet others in your network, or invite them to a workshop, seminar or function where they can make valuable new contacts themselves.

5. Design a ?Stay in Touch? system
Once you've established the foundations with a Center of Influence, you need to keep your ideas and value in front of them. How will you do that? An eZine, personal mailings, telephone calls or in-person get-togethers?

6. Reward them for referrals
When a Center of Influence sends you a lead to a new potential client, make sure you show your appreciation. A phone call, a hand written note and even an appropriate gift lets them know you that you don't take their assistance for granted. Also, keep them in the loop with your progress with this lead.

If you don?t think you have any Centres of Influence, why not identify a couple from your existing clients. Use these 6 steps to build on your relationship and cultivate them as future Influencers.
I have worked with clients who have developed relationships with just two or three good Centers of Influence who have brought them hundreds of thousands in new business. With a focused,
intentional plan you could be doing the same.

Go Ahead… Stress About Deadlines

Go Ahead… Stress About Deadlines

Are you a last minute Nelly? Do you find that you are always completing tasks in the nick of time? Is this a stressful time for you? When I am faced with a deadline, I persistently ?stress? over the work that must be done by that specific date. However, I often do not take any action whatsoever until the night before it is due. The stress seems to build up so much that it forces me to set aside all other activities and focus on the tasks needed to be done. After I complete the project, I would repeatedly find that I performed some of my best work while burning the midnight oil. The gratification of meeting the deadline with an exceptional output would lead me to repeat this process for the next project.

So why is it that we stress about ?deadlines?? Maybe it?s the word itself. As you may have read in one of my previous articles, our words guide our feelings. Think about it?.a deadline could have our subconscious thinking about death! Who wouldn?t stress about that?

People believe that a deadline creates pressure and inhibits creativity when quite often it does just the opposite. Therefore, you could view the stress you feel prior to a deadline as an essential part of your creative process. Even if you feel you are procrastinating when it comes to taking action toward completing your task, your mind is working in the background to come up with the optimal approach to the task. When you are finally ready to take action, you will find that you do it more quickly. So, this stress actually helps you to find the best and/or most effective way to complete the task by allowing your mind to think about it for you.

Sometimes the stress or anxiety you feel may be a signal that the project or goal is in conflict with your personal values. During the time when you are ?stressing? over an upcoming deadline, otherwise known as the subconscious creative process, it may be helpful to explore your true feelings to uncover any underlying issues.

Journal about your ?stress?

1. Take out a pad of paper and begin writing about your answers to the following questions.
What are all of the tasks that need to be done in order to accomplish the project or goal?
What does accomplishing this mean to me?
Once achieved, what benefit(s) does it provide?
What are the things I may have to give up in order to achieve this?
How will I feel once I have achieved it?

2. Pay close attention to your feelings and be as detailed as possible. The issues that arise may have been blocks that were hidden. It may take a few sessions, but once you uncover the issues, you can begin to address them.

You Can Become a Well Paid Personal Trainer

You Can Become a Well Paid Personal Trainer

The life of a personal trainer can be very rewarding for someone who is very fit and who is looking for a career that is physically challenging. If you are happy with a career that involves maintaining your clients' health and if you take pride in the manner your clients' lifestyle progressively becomes healthier under your tutelage, you probably want to become a personal trainer. As a personal trainer, your working hours may be spent in different ways. You may visit your clients at their home or the health club or the fitness centre. You may conduct individual sessions or sessions for batches and larger groups. Your form of training may be in aerobic exercises or resistance exercises or in flexibility training. There are trainers who concentrate on clients that have specific needs as well.

When you become a fitness instructor or personal trainer, you will find that your working conditions can be very flexible and you can take charge of your daily routine. This will give you time to look after other aspects of your life. You will meet different people and teach them at different levels. When you become a personal trainer, you will never be short of a job since you will always find clients desperately interested to shed weight and look good and you can help them achieve their individual goals.

To be a personal trainer, you will have to attend personal trainer courses provided by one of the several fitness training course providers that work under the National Qualification Framework (NQF). There is a credit transfer system with nine levels of learning that starts at the secondary school level and goes on to higher education stage. Starting with levels 1 and 2 that are the basic level and fitness instructing stage, level 3 is a certificate in personal training. This is the final stage after which you can apply for personal trainer jobs. Level 4 involves the medical side of training that includes cardiac rehabilitation, obesity and exercise after an injury or a stroke. This level will clear you for jobs within industries related to health. Finally, it is up to you to decide whether you wish to be a personal trainer or a circuit trainer, an aerobics instructor or become a specialist in children's exercise routine.

What is Happening in The World of The Financial Advisor?

What is Happening in The World of The Financial Advisor?

In the past the financial sector had an almost free run to do whatever it pleased. There have been at least 10 to 15 years of good economic growth worldwide with financial sectors benefiting the most.. As many of these companies could not hide the mess that they got themselves into the financial crisis that hit the world in 2006 and is still going on today, governments have had to rethink the way that the industry is many countries they have an independent financial body that regulates all financial products and also backs the customer with a compensation scheme. With fees now pushed to the limits with high numbers of individuals now claiming they have been miss-sold pensions and savings plans the Financial Advisor is under the spotlight.

A lot of financial advisors will work on a commission based salary which means that they are more inclined to recommend a certain product. The reason is because they will get paid more for offering this whether it is suitable for the client or not.Things are changing a lot now and the consumer is becoming more aware of what types of financial investments are available today. Many people who have invested heavily in pension plans and endowment type mortgages have been hit extremely hard due to the poor advice they were industry is now becoming extremely tightly regulated and consumers are looking to invest with private or individual financial advisors. The reason is because a lot of these private companies will work on a commission structure that rewards the adviser when the portfolio does well.

This means it is in their interest to ensure that the returns are high and the best possible financial advice is due to retirement ages now being raised by governments it is becoming more important for the individual to think about private tunes and investments as a way of being able to retire early. By planning this before it gets too late and individual can ensure that their investments and estate is in good order and that's they have enough funds in their pension pots to retire and have a good standard of living.There are a wide range of regulated private investment institutions that will be able to provide a well-qualified financial advisor that will actually be able to construct a short and long-term financial plan. The wide range of these can be found with a quick Internet search.

Business Success Strategies ? 5 Things I Did Right In 2005

Business Success Strategies ? 5 Things I Did Right In 2005

All in all, I'm pretty happy with how 2005 turned out. My business is taking off. I've built a solid foundation to support even more growth (which I forecast for 2006) and I've even managed to take some time off.

I'd like other entrepreneurs and business owners to feel as good about their business as I do about mine, so I thought I'd take a moment to share 5 things I attribute to my successful 2005.

1. Attended seminars. This one is HUGE. Nothing beats getting out of your office and away from your computer and actually meeting people face to face. I've come away from these events with clients, joint venture partners, and more. (And that doesn't even include the great information I absorbed and was able to put to use in both my business and my clients' businesses.) If you only put one of my 5 tips to use, this would be the one to do -- that's how valuable I've discovered attending seminars to be.

2. Hired a coach. Again, this was another tough decision to make, but I'm really glad I did. It's difficult to see your business objectively, so having a neutral observer on your team is extremely valuable. Coaches help you get out of your own way (and believe me, that's a biggie for us entrepreneurs.) They can help you with both your inner game (your habits and mindset) and your outer game (your skills and business structure).

3. Started systemizing my business. Unless you want to be chained to your business night and day, you have got to start systemizing your business. Yes, all businesses should have systems in place, even if you don't have anyone else working for you and you primarily sell services. The best part is when you do have systems in place, your business suddenly starts running a lot more efficiently and effectively (and you can start sleeping better at night and relaxing on vacation).

4. Outsourced. For all you control freaks out there, this one is for you. If you don't start hiring some help, I guarantee you'll never be able to grow your business because you'll be constantly doing tasks you have no business doing. Do yourself a favor and get some . I've just hired a project manager/director of client services, plus I have 2 backup writers and 2 virtual assistants. Building a team has been a big stress reliever for me.

5. Focused on my inner game. Shifting my mindset away from "freelancer" to "business owner" was another big piece of the puzzle. As soon as I made that shift, all the other four techniques fell into place because it suddenly made them easier to do.

It's tough to change your inner game on your own -- hiring a coach is probably the fastest way to do this. But there are some good resources out there if you want to begin dabbling in it first. Do a search and see what comes up, I started my journey with free ezines and articles.

Creativity Exercise -- Make 2006 the best year ever

Go back and reread my list. Now get out a piece of paper and start brainstorming ways you can integrate my tips into your business. Which one do you think will bring the quickest results? Which one will be more difficult for you to start doing? Which is the one you SHOULD be doing?

Have fun with this exercise, really play around and see what comes up. Don't censor yourself, just write down the answers that bubble up even if it doesn't seem right. You might discover something important about yourself and your business that might be the key to launching you forward faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Access Flipkart Careers to Gain Online Trading Experience

Access Flipkart Careers to Gain Online Trading Experience

Incepted in the year 2007, Flipkart has been functioning with the aim of making available books to anybody online. At present, the company has been expanding its activities to offer a wide spectrum of products such as music, movies, games, cameras, mobiles, computers, and healthcare as well as personal products, electronics and home appliances, perfumes, stationery, apparels, toys and many more items.

Moreover, Flipkart has been able to access wide acclaim from its clients across the world for its unique features like 30 day replacement warranty, Cash on Delivery, options for EMI, free shipping and above all an affordable price. The company makes its clients' online shopping experience a memorable one through a client friendly customer service and maintaining itself as an excellent online shopping destination.

Flipkart have witnessed a boom in sales in recent years thanks to the amazing innovations that have been brought forth in the area of web development as well as online marketing. Moreover, the extensive use of mobile devices has facilitated Flipkart professionals to have an instant access to wide clientele across the world. Capitalizing the support of experienced workforce, FlipKart could climb the ladder of popularity through offering its brands among its customers.

When it comes to Flipkart careers opportunity, the avenues are limitless. The company engages its workforce for varied activities right from attending to trade enquiries, taking the orders, packaging the products to safe shipments. The entire functions are carried out online and hence, the clients are not faced with the hassle of making the physical purchases. Moreover, the various openings with the company calls for well qualified and experienced people to handle the different departments of the company very efficiently. Flipkart being an online business venture, the Flipkart careers opportunities for IT professionals are immense. If you hold sufficient expertise and experience in the IT field, you can be assured of accessing a job with the company.

Flipkart makes the buying processes very simple for its clients through offering diverse brands, free shipping, offering different discount coupons etc and is heading for a breakthrough in the e-commerce domain. The added advantages of shopping with Flipkart is that they provide the facility of payment after delivery of products, apart from encouraging the net-banking facility for instant payment process for making the online retail transactions a worriless exercise for the customers throughout the world. Also, Flipkart has been able to withstand the high competition that prevails in online retail marketing with its well established customer care tactics and maintaining an excellent team of highly experienced professionals.

Theories Of Inter-industry Wage Differentials

Theories Of Inter-industry Wage Differentials

Standard competitive theory suggests that equally productive workers receive compensation schemes that would provide an equal level of utility. The remuneration would depend solely on workers abilities and would not be influenced by the characteristics of an employer. Inability to find relevant empirical evidence to support this theory would facilitate appearance of alternative theories stating that true wage differentials exist across industries, even for identical workers. Such industry wage differentials arise in the models of efficiency wages compensating differences, rent sharing, and in many others. In this article we discuss four basic theories explaining large and persistent wage differentials.

As mentioned above, one explanation of persistent wage differences among observationally similar workers in competitive labor markets rests on differences in workers? productive abilities that are not captured in individual-level data sets. High-ability workers earn higher average wages; industries that employ proportionally more high-ability workers pay higher average wages to observationally equivalent workers. This theory is supported by the empirical findings of Katz (1987), Helwege (1989), and Murphy and Topel (1987, 1990). It is worth noting that this hypothesis does not deviate from standard competitive theory of wage determination, since the reason for higher wages is workers ability that we can not capture in the estimation.

Goux and Maurin?s (1999) findings also support the ?unmeasured abilities? hypothesis. They estimate inter-industry wage differentials using new French longitudinal data that allow them to track workers and their firms over time. The authors find that, when measured on a cross-sectional basis, they primarily reflect the inter-industry variations in unmeasured labor quality. However, through the matched employer-employee data they control for firm-level effects and find that inter-industry wage differentials are only a minor component of inter-firm wage differentials. These findings are much closer to those of Murphy and Topel (1987) than to those of Krueger and Summers (1988) that are discussed further in this chapter.

The second model explaining inter-industry differentials is efficiency wage theory. The theory holds on the assumption that some firms pay higher wage than the going wage for the workers of the type they attract. The rationale for doing so can be either these firms do not profit-maximize, or they find paying higher wages more profitable. The latter alternative is on what efficiency wage theory holds.

According to efficiency wages there are at least four reasons why employers pay wages above going wage levels. Firstly, it is believed that workers are paid in excess to avoid high turnover costs (Salop (1979), Stiglitz (1974) and (1985)). If turnover costs are responsive to wage rate increases, then there may be an incentive to pay higher remuneration. The second possibility is that increasing wages raise employee effort level (Shapiro and Stiglitz (1984)). Workers who are paid only their opportunity cost may have little incentive to perform well, since dismissal from the current job would not be costly. By larger wages employers may simply improve worker performance. The third reason states that workers loyalty to the firm increases with the extent to which the firm shares its profits with them. And lastly, the final reason is about selection: firms that pay high salaries attract a higher quality pool of applicants.

In this respect it is necessary to mention Krueger and Summers (1988), who present estimates of the effects of industry switches on wages through a first-differenced regression on matched May Current Population Survey (CPS) data. After attempting to correct for false industry transitions, Krueger and Summers (1988) estimate that the industry wage differentials from the first-differenced regression are significant, of the same sign, and close in magnitude to the cross-section regression estimates. In this way they reject the competitive wage determination hypothesis and conclude that their empirical finding casts "serious doubt on 'unmeasured labor quality' explanations for inter-industry wage differences". In other words, (after controlling for other observables) workers moving from high- to low-wage industries experience a wage decrease, while those moving from low-to high-wage industries experience a wage increase. Moreover, the size of these wage changes is similar to the difference between the relevant industry wage differentials estimated in a cross-section.

The third model postulates that the finding of stable inter-industry wage differentials could be explained by pointing to compensating differentials. The compensating differentials argument is that agreeable and disagreeable job attributes vary systematically with one?s industry of employment, and therefore necessitate wage differentials to compensate employees for non-wage aspects of the industry. Attempts to find empirical evidence supporting this theory can be found in Brown (1980) and Smith (1979).

The final model of rent sharing is based on the numerous empirical findings stating that profitable firms pay higher wages even when controlling for human capital characteristics and firm fixed effects. In other words, the rent-seeking model predicts a positive correlation between profitability of the firm and the wage rate paid to the employees. Based on this model we would expect that industries with high profit margin would be paying higher wages compared to the industries with lower profit margins. Empirical evidence for this theory can be found in Plasman, Rycx and Tojerow (2006), who utilized the Belgian firm-worker matched data set.

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